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The rules of SEO changes all the time. What’s in before could no longer work today. As a marketer, your website should always be updated with regards to all of these changes or else, you’ll see a significant slide down the drain.

However, in a world full of changes, there remain to be constant elements that remain to impact your website. Here are some of the SEO basics you shouldn’t just take for granted.


By the time your audiences visit your site, they should know what your business is all about. Maintaining a complete and informative content on your site will help you fulfill that goal. Basic pages such as your about page that tell us about what your company is, a contact us page that’ll tell your audience on how they can reach you and a homepage that features everything about your business. (read more here)


At this age, the increased use of mobile phones, it’s now a huge requirement for websites to be optimized for mobile. Being mobile responsive means your site can be viewed using different device regardless of its size without any difficulty. If your site is still stuck in the same old layout that isn’t mobile responsive, then there’s no point of asking why you’re not getting visits lately. (read more here)


Without content, your SEO would mean nothing. At the same time, not updating on a regular basis will cause a huge blow in your marketing efforts. Your followers will start to unfollow you the moment you stop regularly posting content on your website. Thus, you can’t afford to just slack on content posting if you want your SEO to work.

At the same time, content shouldn’t just be about selling products. It should add value to your audience and provide more solutions to their problems. It should entice engagement and conversation and not just create more noise in an already noisy platform.


You need your social media presence to share your content to your followers. Apart from that, you need your social media to engage with your audience. You need to be involved and build a better relationship with your audience and even with other online influencers. They will help you bring valuable traffic to your site which can help your website in the long run.


An easy site to navigate means that it’s highly preferred by users and Google rewards sites with great navigation. A minimalist attack on your site design and navigation is the best way to do it. Even search bars are a lifesaver, especially to those who are in a hurry. The idea is, make sure that your audience will easily reach the page that they want to view.

These are just some of the fundamentals you should prioritize in your SEO strategy. The point is, perfect all of your fundamentals first, then that would be the time you can proceed on working with another SEO strategy like link building. With proper SEO tools, you’ll surely be at the top of your game.